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Over 150 years of heritage and expertise.

In 1866, the Lange Family founded Lange Transfer Co. Over a century later, we are still locally owned and operated, providing storage and distribution services from our 55,000 square foot warehouse. Customers may rent space by square foot, ($5 a sq. ft./year)or by the pallet, ($4 to $6/month)

Need a warehouse on wheels? Lange owns over 150 semi-trailers available for your storage needs. Typical monthly rent is $150 a month. That’s 35 cents per square foot per month.

Lange also owns 131 self-storage units on an adjacent lot to the warehouse. Typical rent is 50 cents a square foot per month.

We are dedicated to taking care of your goods and ensuring your items arrive safely – whether it’s across town or across Michigan. Lange provides distribution services for products we warehouse and transportation services for regional businesses. Lange owns its own equipment and employs its own drivers. Safe reliable service.

Other Services Available:

  • Monthly inventory services.
  • Loading docks for semi-trucks and box trucks.
  • Exterior ramp for ground loading and unloading.
  • File storage lockers.
  • File destruction (on-site shredding).


615 W. Dale Ave.
Muskegon, MI


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